how the ingredients in baby foot work

How the Foot Mask Makes Feet Smooth

Everyone wants smooth feet. After all, no one likes having dead skin on their feet and the cracking, bleeding, and pain that can go along with that. And sometimes it seems like everyone has a different way of trying to deal with the problem. Some people ignore it until their feet look and feel awful. Others use pumice stones and other abrasive methods of removing dead skin. Still others use a foot mask regularly.

It can be hard to know the best way to get your feet smooth. Some people distrust abrasive removal of dead skin because it can hurt. Others wonder if anything that makes their skin peel off like a foot peeling mask does can possibly be healthy.

Here’s what you need to know about how our dead skin foot peel works to help you decide if it is the right choice for getting your feet smooth and healthy.

Fruit Acid Works!

The active ingredient in our Baby Foot Foot Peel is fruit acid. This is a gentle acid that will remove dead skin from your feet without removing all of the skin or leaving your feet raw and painful.

The fruit acid works to gently loosen the bonds between the dead skin and the live skin. Over a period of days or weeks, the dead skin slowly comes away from the live skin. Once enough of these bonds have been loosened, you can simply and painlessly pull the dead skin off. This dead skin foot peel is usually easy and gentle on your body.

The live skin that is on the surface after you do your foot peel is soft and smooth because it has been protected by all those layers of dead skin for so long. You can then work to keep it hydrated and healthy so you don’t have to do another foot peel for quite a while!

Peeling and Hydration

Our foot mask doesn’t just peel, though. It also hydrates and nourishes your skin. Baby Foot’s moisturizing foot mask contains 16 natural ingredients designed to keep your feet healthy before, during, and after the peeling process.

Hydration is key because it helps keep the peeling process healthy. When your feet are well hydrated, you don’t have to worry as much about skin tearing off or getting deep gouges in your feet from the way the skin peels.

This hydration lasts even after your foot peeling mask works and the dead skin is gone. It continues to hydrate the new, smooth skin, keeping it healthy and looking great. You can rely on

the moisturizing foot mask alone or you can invest in a separate moisturizing foot cream designed specifically to be used after the foot mask.

If you’ve tried everything and your feet are still dry, give Baby Foot a chance. You may find that your feet are healthier and happier than they have ever been and that you are able to feel confident that they look great, too!