What to Do About Sore Feet

Many of us find that our feet start to ache after a long day at work or at the end of a grueling workout. In most cases, the pain may subside after a good night’s rest. At other times, the soreness may linger. It’s been estimated that 77% of Americans experience foot pain. The problem […]

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Soaking feet in warm water after frostbite

Frostbite: What It Is and What to Do

Whether you’d like to build a snowman or hit the slopes, make sure you keep safety in mind when having fun in the snow this winter. Frostbite occurs when body tissues freeze due to prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. Your toes and feet are especially vulnerable, as are your ears, nose, cheeks, chin and fingers.  […]

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a family has their feet near the fire, keeping them warm and heathy with baby foot products

Holiday Foot Care Gift Ideas

Are you trying to come up with Christmas gift ideas this holiday season? Consider getting them the gift of soft feet, by giving them Baby Foot! It’s the perfect present for anyone – and an unconventional one that will be a great surprise. Peruse our wide selection of foot moisturizer products and you will find […]

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Close up side view beautiful female feet on wooden floor

How Often Should You Use a Foot Peel?

At-home foot peels have become a popular way to achieve soft, smooth feet in the comfort of your own home. With Baby Foot™ Original Exfoliation Foot Peel, all you have to do is soak your feet in the plastic booties for one hour and wait for the dead skin slough away naturally. Foot peels also […]

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3 sets of feet lie on the beach, the ocean in the background

4 Benefits of Foot Exfoliation

You may be wondering what you should do about all of the dead and dry skin on your feet. Should you regularly apply lotion? Should you exfoliate with some kind of foot skin peel or scrub? In this post, we’ll discuss, in detail, the four most noteworthy benefits of regular foot exfoliation. Ready to learn […]

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