A woman gets an exfoliating sugar scrub applied to her feet.

What are the Best Skin Exfoliants?

Everyone is after healthy glowing skin, and you don’t have to look far to find dozens of products that promise to make your skin flawless. When you’re looking for the perfect way to brighten up your skin, exfoliants are the way to go. The challenge comes in choosing which exfoliant is right for you. There […]

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a family has their feet near the fire, keeping them warm and heathy with baby foot products

3 Reasons To Gift Baby Foot This Winter!

Are you trying to come up with gift ideas this holiday season? Consider getting them the gift of soft feet, by giving them Baby Foot! It’s the perfect present for anyone – and an unconventional one that will be a great surprise. Peruse our wide selection of foot moisturizer products and you will find that […]

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a woman sits happy with her healthy feet from her baby foot moisturizing foot mask

5 Ways To Keep Your Feet Healthy This Winter

As the months grow colder and freezing temperatures creep in, moisture leaves the air and also your skin. Winter can leave your feet and heels cracked, dry, and callused; which not only doesn’t look good, it doesn’t feel good either. Fortunately, there are things like foot peels from Baby Foot that allow you to combat […]

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feet soft after baby foot peel

Why You Want Soft Feet

You may think that taking care of the skin on your feet is a minor thing, but that’s not true! There are major benefits to using a foot peeling mask – one the biggest being how soft your feet feel afterward! If you aren’t convinced yet, read the reasons below for why using a Baby […]

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baby foot moisturizer

How Moisturizers Work

Not many people think about the fact that moisturizing your skin should involve your feet as well! The least you can do to care for your feet and soles that serve you well walking around all day is to keep them hydrated with a product like Baby Foot. Us moisturizing foot masks are designed to […]

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how the ingredients in baby foot work

How the Foot Mask Makes Feet Smooth

Everyone wants smooth feet. After all, no one likes having dead skin on their feet and the cracking, bleeding, and pain that can go along with that. And sometimes it seems like everyone has a different way of trying to deal with the problem. Some people ignore it until their feet look and feel awful. […]

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close up of a woman holding onto the sole of her feet which need a baby foot peel

How Does a Foot Peel Work, Anyway?

So you’ve heard of doing a foot peel but you’re not so sure about it. After all, you may wonder, “can anything that peels dry skin off the bottom of my feet actually be healthy for them?” Sure, it would be great to have smooth feet, but it’s really not worth damaging them or being […]

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