Foot with massage ball

Great Gifts for Your Feet This Holiday Season

Still looking for the perfect gift for that stressed-out someone who stands up all day? Put your best foot forward with the gift of happy feet!

From busy moms and dads to those who spend lots of time standing at work, most of us could use a little TLC for our feet and toes. You could give them something that brings back the soft, smooth skin they had when they were younger. Other great gifts can help relieve stress, loosen up sore muscles or provide greater comfort for day-to-day living. 

And while you’re out buying gifts for family and friends, it never hurts to treat your own feet to a little holiday cheer — especially after a long day of shopping or putting up decorations!

Here are some of our favorite foot-friendly gifts to add to your list this year.

Enjoy Smooth, Soft Skin

If you’re looking for a great stocking-stuffer, why not surprise your loved one with the gift of baby-soft skin! The Baby Foot Spa Bundle Holiday Version includes everything they’ll need to get rid of cracked, dry feet and reveal the smooth, youthful skin underneath: 

  • One Original Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel
  • Two Foot Soak Packets
  • One Tube of Foot Scrub

In addition to easy-to-use foot care products from Baby Foot, here are a few other soothing products that are sure to delight:

  • Pumice stone: Gently rotate over feet during or after a bath to remove dead skin cells. 
  • Foot scrub: Look for nourishing ingredients like essential oils and vitamins to promote soft, healthy skin. 
  • Foot bath: Enjoy a relaxing soak in essential oils and other soothing ingredients. 
  • Foot cream or moisturizer: Apply after a bath or shower to keep feet feeling soft and prevent dry, cracked skin from coming back. 

Relax Those Feet

A long day of shopping or standing at work can leave our feet and legs feeling sore and cramped. Look for gifts that relieve stress and help those foot muscles recover after periods of activity. For example, a wooden foot roller offers a gentle way to soothe aches and release muscle tension. A textured massage ball made of wood or rubber is also great for tired feet and will make your loved one feel good all over. 

Stay Warm & Cozy

It’s nearly impossible to relax and unwind when our feet are freezing. Your loved ones will appreciate gifts that keep those toes toasty warm no matter how cold it gets outside. Good foot-pleasers include soft slippers with a cushiony footbed, booties with fuzzy material on the inside and thick, non-slip socks for staying warm and safe on hard floors. 

Boost Your Foot Comfort

Your loved ones will stay comfortable and confident throughout the day with gifts that promote foot health while on the go. 

  • If you know their size, a new pair of shoes in a favorite style is a great gift. Orthotic shoes in particular are ideal for those with pre-existing foot conditions or anyone who needs a little extra comfort for a busy lifestyle. You can find orthotic shoes in a range of styles including boots, flats, sneakers and even high heels designed with foot health in mind. 
  • Insoles offer comfort for a range of everyday activities, from improved performance during exercise to positive nerve stimulation. You can also find insoles that help feet stay warm during cold weather. 
  • Toe spacers keep toes from scrunching together and may help with strength and mobility. 

And if you’re looking to treat yourself to year-round foot care, look no further than our full line of easy-to-use foot peels and other foot care essentials from Baby Foot