close up of a woman holding onto the sole of her feet which need a baby foot peel

How Does a Foot Peel Work, Anyway?

So you’ve heard of doing a foot peel but you’re not so sure about it. After all, you may wonder, “can anything that peels dry skin off the bottom of my feet actually be healthy for them?” Sure, it would be great to have smooth feet, but it’s really not worth damaging them or being in pain when you’re trying to walk and get through your days.

Fortunately, the Baby Foot dead skin foot peel will make your feet smooth without hurting you or damaging them. It will hydrate as it exfoliates so you won’t have to worry about pain or any other issues. Here’s how it works.


Every Baby Foot foot peel comes with plastic booties already loaded with our signature dry skin foot peel formula. It contains natural ingredients designed to make the experience easy and healthy for your feet.

Simply slip your feet into these booties, put on a pair of warm socks over them if your feet get cold, and wait for an hour. You can read a book, hang them over the edge of a warm bath, or enjoy some “me time” in your favorite chair.

When the hour is up, remove the booties and dispose of them. You can put some foot lotion on your feet or simply get on with your life.

The Waiting Period

It will take several days for your feet to start peeling. If you wonder, “Why do I still have dry skin on the bottom of my feet after I applied Baby Foot?” don’t worry! Because Baby Foot is gentle, it takes some time to work. In fact, it can take up to 14 days to start sloughing off that dead skin!

Baby Foot contains fruit acid, which will work to gently loosen the layers of dead skin. Slowly, they will detach from the healthy skin below. Once they have detached enough, they will begin to peel away. You’ll know when this is happening because you will see or feel the dead skin coming off your foot.


If you’ve been wondering, “But how to make my feet smooth in this process?” then you’ve come to the right place. Slowly peel away the loosened skin. Don’t pull too much, because it’s easy to pull into healthy skin, which can hurt. If the skin isn’t loose yet, don’t pull it.

Some people find that their skin peels off in large sheets, while others peel it a little bit each day. As long as you are gentle, it doesn’t matter. Use the method that works best for your skin and peel away.

Follow Up

Once the dead skin is gone, use our lotions or creams to keep your feet hydrated. They shouldn’t hurt, but they may feel a bit more sensitive than usual for a few days. This is completely normal! Just hydrate and use your feet normally and this should go away quickly.

If you want smooth feet, get your Baby Foot Foot Peel today!