bare feet walking across the ground that have used a baby foot peeling mask

3 Reasons You Need a Fall Skincare Routine for your Feet

Fall is here! Even if it’s not cooler yet where you live, it is officially autumn and it’s time to celebrate that. While we don’t offer a pumpkin spice exfoliation foot peel (maybe someday…), fall is a great time to use Baby Foot. Remove the rough skin from your feet and feel great about yourself today.

Not convinced? Here are three great reasons to use a foot peel to help your dry skin in fall weather.

Winter is Coming

In many parts of the world, winter is the driest season of all. While it may snow or provide other precipitation, the lower temperatures leech humidity out of the air. This may feel like a welcome change to you but it’s hard on your body! After all, the body likes it when the air supports its efforts to stay hydrated.

Use a foot peel to get rid of dead skin on your feet. Winter’s dryness can cause cracked heels if you have layers of tough, dry skin built up. Instead of letting this happen, say, “Make my feet feel softer!” and let Baby Foot do its job today!

Slough Off Summer

If you wore sandals as much as possible this summer, chances are good that your feet are drier than normal. After all, they’ve been exposed to the outside air instead of kept cooped up inside the humidity of socks and closed-toed shoes.

Remove that rough skin from your feet by using a foot peel this fall. Baby Foot will get rid of those callused, dry layers of skin so you can go into autumn feeling great about your feet and knowing you stand a great chance of avoiding the painful cracking that winter can bring!

The Seasons are Changing

If you often say, “I would love to make my feet feel softer,” try using Baby Foot part of your seasonal skin care routine. The date on the calendar and the changing weather can be a great way to remind yourself that it’s time for some foot care again. When you use a foot peel every time there’s a new season, you’ll peel your feet 4 times a year, which is great for your skin and your confidence.

To use Baby Foot, just put your feet in the supplied booties and cover them with socks if you want to. Wait an hour, then take the booties off, hydrate your feet, and get on with your life.

Within the next few days, your dead skin will start to peel off. Before long, you’ll have baby soft feet that won’t dry out, crack, or look unsightly. You’ll feel great about yourself, and your feet will be comfortable, too!

All fall skincare tips should include a foot peel. We suggest you try our Original Exfoliation Foot Peel. For maximum moisture and softness, apply one of our Moisturizing Foot Masks after you finish peeling.

Baby Foot won’t hurt you and it is healthy for your feet, too, so you can trust it to give you the soft feet you crave. Try it today and let us know how it works for you.