soft feet on white bed sheets in the foreground that have recently used baby foot peel

How Foot Skin Differs From Other Skin

Do you ever look at the skin on the bottom of your feet cracking or getting dry again and wonder why that happens? Are you sick of your rough foot skin and you’re not sure what to do about it? Part of the problem is that your foot skin is different from the rest of your skin. When you understand this difference, it’s easier to take good care of your feet and make sure they don’t hurt you or embarrass you anymore.

Fewer Oil Glands

You have fewer oil glands in your feet than you have in the skin that covers the rest of your body. These glands produce oil that naturally hydrates and heals your skin. It keeps it soft, too! When your feet don’t get enough oil, that’s when you get rough foot skin or even cracks in that skin. This biological difference can be a royal pain!

More Stress

Your feet also undergo more stress than skin does elsewhere on your body. Think about it…your feet carry your weight whenever you stand and walk and they regularly get stuffed into shoes that may not fit perfectly or that may place them in an awkward position. All of this serves to make life harder for your foot skin, which may get rougher in response.

Less Care

Most people don’t care for their feet as much as they should. They don’t use moisturizing foot cream or foot lotion and they don’t even put regular lotion on their feet. This lack of care can mean that feet get even less moisture than the rest of the body, when they really need more!

A Different Environment

Your feet are in a different environment than most of your body is. Shoes make them warmer and damper, even when it’s perfectly dry outside. This heat and humidity can draw moisture out of your foot skin, rather than leaving it where it is so desperately needed. Combine this with the other factors listed above and you have the perfect environment for dry, rough foot skin to develop.

So What Do I Do?

Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your foot skin healthy in spite of these obstacles. Baby Foot offers a selection of foot peels as well as a moisturizing foot cream that can keep your feet fully hydrated, no matter what else is going on with them.

The foot peel is easy to use. It comes with pre medicated booties, which you just slip on and keep on for about an hour. After that, take them off, apply our moisturizing foot cream regularly, and wait for your old, dead skin to peel off. Once it’s gone, your feet should be baby smooth once again. Keep them that way with regular hydration and by using our foot lotion.

Try our Original Exfoliation Foot Peel today. We would love to hear about all the ways that it makes a difference for your feet! Be sure to let us know!