dry feet hanging from a chair and resting on a floor needing baby foot peel

Why Are My Feet So Dry?

Have you noticed that you have extremely dry feet? Do you find yourself frequently wondering, “Why are my feet so dry?” If these describe you, you are not alone! Many people find that they end up with dry, cracked feet and they don’t know why it happens. Here’s what you need to know to keep the bottoms of your feet from getting dry and cracking.

Less Oil

Most people have fewer oil glands in their feet than they do elsewhere on their bodies. This means that there’s not as much natural moisture for the feet as there is elsewhere. This can cause dry feet and means that feet may struggle with dryness even if you moisturize your feet regularly.

Less Moisture

Your feet may struggle, too, because they don’t usually get as much moisture as other places on the body. Most people don’t use a foot lotion and don’t even put regular lotion on their feet. This means that the feet get skipped when it comes to hydration, which can eventually lead to dry, cracked feet.

Increased Irritation

Your feet experience more irritation than other skin on your body does. Shoes can keep your feet in uncomfortable positions or rub them awkwardly. Standing all day or frequently can make your feet irritated even if you have the best shoes. All of this discomfort can lead to dry, cracked feet fast.

Extra Heat and Humidity

Closed shoes, like sneakers, boots, dress shoes, and more, make for an extremely hot and humid environment. This draws moisture out of your feet, which means they are more prone to getting dry, cracking, and hurting.

A Solution?

If you’re wondering, “Why are my feet so dry even when I moisturize?” we can help! The best ways to moisturize your feet include using a foot lotion or a foot peel regularly. Baby Foot carries both and our products have produced thousands of happy customers through the years.

To use the Baby Foot Foot Peel, just follow the directions that come with it. Put your feet into our medicated booties, then put a pair of socks on over them. Wait about an hour, remove the booties, and live normally. You can apply our foot lotion right away or whenever you need it.

Within a couple of weeks, your feet will start peeling. This is all of that dry, tough, dead skin sloughing off. Before you know it, you’ll have what we call “Happy Feet.” These feet are baby smooth, fully hydrated, and they feel and look great. You’ll feel confident about your feet again and they won’t hurt you, either.

You can use our foot peels as often as you need to, though most people find that they only use it a few times a year. Between peels, keep your feet happy with our foot lotion and other foot moisturization products.

Fight extremely dry feet Baby Foot’s comprehensive line of foot care items, which includes our Original Exfoliation Foot Peel and our Moisturizing Foot Mask. Stop worrying about your feet or hating them and remember what it’s like when they are baby smooth!