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Treat Yourself to A Spa Day At Home with These 5 Tips!

We get it – being stuck at home can be the worst for your beauty routine. While we’d definitely all prefer to be at the spa right now, there’s nothing stopping you from getting your pampering at home. If the stress is getting to you, it’s time to take a few hours and dedicate time to treating yourself. We’ve prepared a five step guide to make a spa day at home. The best part? You’ve got most of these items at home already, or they’re ready to ship from your favorite online store. Let’s get ready for our spa day at home! 

 1. Take a bath 

Is there anything more relaxing than a nice, long bath? Science agrees that baths are good for you — in fact, some studies show they help to reduce inflammation in your body. When planning a spa day, a bath is a great place to start. Soaking in hot water helps to soften your skin and prepare for any skin treatments you plan to do later. No bath at home? No worries —  a hot shower has the same softening effect on your skin. 

Try This: Make it an extra special spa day with a bath bomb or bath salts added. You might even try to pinpoint certain scents for an aromatherapy benefit! Scents like lemon have been noted to improve your mood, while lavender is known to help relaxation. 

 2. Relax with a mask

Masks are a great, easy way to treat the skin on your face. You should make sure the type of mask you choose matches the type of skin you have — for example, if you have dry skin, you should try something that’s moisturizing. There’s a wide variety to choose from, including sheet masks, clay masks, charcoal masks and more, each with their own unique benefit. Plus, it’s easy to multitask while letting your mask sit. Go ahead and paint your nails while you’re at it! 

Try This: Don’t have a facial mask on hand? Make one at home! Mix hot water, oatmeal, and an egg white for an easy DIY mask treatment. Oatmeal helps get rid of dry skin and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help get rid of acne. 

 3. Get into a (skincare) routine 

Once you’ve finished taking off your mask, it’s time to discover (or rediscover) your skincare routine. Start off by using a cleanser to get rid of any dirt or debris left on your skin after your mask. After cleansing, apply any skin treatments you may use like an acne treatment or anti aging serum. Finish off by applying moisturizer to keep your skin looking fresh. If you’re going outside, don’t forget to apply some SPF before heading out. Sunscreen is the easiest way to keep your skin looking youthful and gorgeous as you age. 

Try This: Not sure which products you need to buy for a skincare routine? Plenty of brands sell skincare sets that come with all of the products you’ll need to get started. You can also purchase several sample sizes of different products to see what works best for your skin! 

 4. Find your inner zen 

Before you finish your beauty routine, it’s nice to take a minute and enjoy some peaceful meditation. Meditation can help rid yourself of negative emotions and thoughts while encouraging creativity and imagination. Sit down and take a few moments to clear your mind. Take deep breaths and focus on the sensations going through your body. Notice how your body is feeling – are your shoulders tense? What thoughts are wandering across your brain? How are you breathing? Set a timer for five minutes and let yourself relax. 

Try This: If you’re finding it hard to meditate on your own, consider downloading a meditation app. Most are free, and you can play the meditation guide in your headphones as you go. They may also include ambient music, which can be a huge help to keep your mind from drifting! 

 5. Treat your feet 

Don’t forget about the rest of your body for your spa day! Finish off the spa treatment with a foot peel that gets your feet smooth and shining. The TODAY Show and Good Housekeeping both agree: if you’re looking for a foot mask, Baby Foot is the way to go. The Baby Foot peel gets rid of the dead layer of skin on your feet and keeps your feet looking fresh. In just a few days, your foot skin will be softer and cleaner than ever. After you finish your foot peel, you’ll feel refreshed, renewed and relaxed from head to toe! 

Try This: Looking for some extra moisture treatment after your peel? Check out this moisturizing foot cream — it can help to bring some life back into your foot skin after you remove the layers of dead skin! 


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