a woman sits happy with her healthy feet from her baby foot moisturizing foot mask

5 Best Foot Care Benefits to Using a Foot Peel This Winter

As the months grow colder and freezing temperatures creep in, moisture leaves the air and also your skin. Winter can leave your feet and heels cracked, dry, and callused; which not only doesn’t look good, it doesn’t feel good either. Fortunately, there are things like our Original Exfoliation Foot Peel that allow you to combat the cold and keep your skin soft all season long.

Want to know how to keep your feet soft this winter? Baby Foot, of course!

  1. It Moisturizes Skin: When you use a Baby Foot peel, the package comes with two plastic booties and then our specially formulated gel that works as a moisturizing foot lotion. Make sure your feet are clean before applying the gel so that it has the maximum potential to soak into your skin and so that it will work as well as you want. You keep the booties on for one hour, and can even walk around in them, allowing the gel to really seep into the cells and be absorbed. Each day, you soak your feet to help activate the gel and extend the moisturizing benefits.
  2. It Hydrates Dry Skin: Our foot peels are packed with nutrients that help your skin stay healthy and well-hydrated. There are 16 ingredients in the gel that all work wonders on feet that are dry and dehydrated: orange, grapefruit, lemon, chamomile, clematis, chameleon, sage, soapwort, meadowsweet, seaweed, ivy, tea plant, watercress, burdock root, camel grass, and horsetail herb.
  3. It Has Exfoliating Powers: The fruit acids in our dead skin foot peels help your old, flaky skin to naturally fall off. This ingredient reduces bonds between older and newer layers of skin so that the tough part can shed off and fresh, soft skin is revealed beneath. With our foot exfoliating mask, there is no need to use rough and abrasive methods like pumice stones to exfoliate away old skin cells.
  4. It Can Save Your Skin All Winter Long: The application of Baby Foot peels only takes an hour while you wear the booties and the foot lotion and absorb all the ingredients that will help you have soft feet. You will start to see and feel the benefits within days! We recommend using one every two weeks two months, depending on how dry your skin is, to keep your feet smooth all throughout the winter months.
  5. It Should Be a Part of Skincare Routines: Many people amp up their skincare routine during the colder months of the year when their skin cells need more moisture. But not many think to take extra care of their feet and to make sure they are hydrated as well. Just as you have face masks and body lotion, add Baby Foot to your line of products.

Baby Foot foot peel is the best foot care product for keeping your feet soft and smooth in the winter. However, our friends at the American Podiatric Medical Association have some other tips to help keep your feet healthy during the colder months.

Keep your skin soft, smooth, and healthy this winter by using an exfoliating foot peel from Baby Foot. Our dead skin foot peels are a great way to keep your feet well-nourished despite the bitter weather that can crack and dry them out.