A pair of feet sit in a pail of water with flower petals and stones

Baby Foot Peel Treatment Dos & Don’ts

There’s a right way—and a plethora of wrong ways—to do an exfoliating foot peel. But if baby soft feet are what you’re after, our definitive guide of dos and don’ts is your best bet for the best results. Foot peels are all the rage these days, and Baby Foot has earned hordes of devoted fans […]

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A person going barefoot in the grass

Is Going Barefoot Good for Your Feet?

Aside from maybe spending time in the sun, there are precious few activities that walk the line between healthy and risky like going barefoot.  Freeing your feet from the perspiration-soaked prison of socks and shoes is something most of us can appreciate. But whether you fully endorse or strongly oppose barefoot life depends on your […]

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