Christmas stockings filled with gifts from Baby Foot

5 Foot Care Products That Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Those stockings dangling from your mantle are shooting you a not-so-subtle hint this holiday season. They’re shaped like feet, so why not stuff them with foot care products for your loved ones? 

It’s hard to go wrong when giving the gift of foot care, especially when you have a list of highly recommended products at your fingertips. Here at Baby Foot, we recognize and appreciate all the awesome stuff that goes into keeping your feet feeling soft and looking beautiful. 

Know a friend plagued by dry feet who’s struggled to find a good foot cream? Have a family member who needs a potent one-two punch to knock out cantankerous calluses? Is your spouse on the prowl for a stylish pedicure kit or an excellent exfoliating foot peel? There’s something for everyone on our list of foot care products that make great stocking stuffers. 

Candy, gift cards and trinkets are fine, but imagine the karma you’ll invite into your life if you introduce someone to a game-changer in the foot care department. You’ll be an honest-to-goodness holiday hero. So, without further ado, here’s our definitive list of foot care gifts that are sure to bring joy to the world.

Best foot cream for calluses 

The list of formidable foot foes is a long one. Plantar fasciitis, athlete’s foot, bunions, corns and, of course, calluses. These unsightly mounds of thick dead skin build up over time as your feet rub against your socks and shoes. Regardless of where they form on your feet, they’re a nuisance and may even be painful.

Waging war against calluses is no joke. The struggle is as real as it gets, and gaining the upper hand can be tough. If you know someone who’s courageously battling calluses but needs a secret weapon, expand their arsenal with Amlactin Foot Repair Cream

Lactic acid is what makes this fragrance-free cream legit. Amlactin will bust up dead skin cells, soften those rough spots and moisturize your feet. Conquering calluses for Christmas? Yes, please!    

Best foot cream for dry feet

Dry feet are another woeful condition no one should have to endure. Cracked heels that resemble crumbling limestone. The white-hot burning of barren skin devoid of moisture. The constant flaky molting. And no hope in sight. 

Pull that poor soul out of the dry feet doldrums with the perfect gift. Plenty of foot creams promise to rejuvenate dehydrated dogs, but there’s one in particular with a legion of loyal customers. O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream has rightfully earned its spot on the foot care throne. 

This miracle cream derives its mega-moisturizing powers from a blend of glycerin, paraffin and allantoin, a skin care ingredient found in uric acid. Reviewers can’t stop raving about O’Keeffe’s restorative benefits. Do your boo or bestie a solid and drop a jar in their stocking. 

Best foot scrubber

A foot scrubber is the upgrade you didn’t know you needed but tried on a lark and then couldn’t live without. Foot care done right requires a fair amount of time and attention. File, soak, wash, exfoliate, moisturize, repeat. So many steps, so little time. 

If you need a gift for someone whose foot care routine has become laborious, introduce them to a better way of life—specifically, a foot scrubber in the shower. These contraptions can be used in conjunction with a favorite foot wash or foot scrub. Oh, and they feel heavenly on the bottom of your feet. 

The Soapy Toes Foot Scrubber is a nice, compact choice that travels well. Suction cups on the underside grip the shower floor so it stays put during scrub sessions. With warm water, the bristles are sure to feel blissful on your soles—or those belonging to the lucky person who gets this goodie in their stocking. 

Best foot file

Dusty flakes from foot scrubs, exfoliants and peels can make a real mess around the house. Cats and dogs shed plenty—who needs more to clean up? A foot file is a great tool for removing dead skin and disposing of the unsightly organic debris.

With most foot files, you’re going to need a healthy dose of elbow grease to get the job done. No one wants to grind away at calluses and stubborn patches while trying to stave off hand cramps. Two words: battery operated. 

The Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Dry Foot File does all the work. Just flip the switch, and the spinning roller head buffs away the rough stuff, leaving feet soft and flake-free. Four batteries. Two speeds. One awesome stocking stuffer!   

Best pedicure kit

Have someone on your Christmas list who’s partial to DIY pedicures but has a ragtag assortment of toe-primping tools? Sounds like they need a plush pedicure kit with all the fundamental pieces to keep their feet looking fab. 

Don’t embark on an hours-long quest for the best foot care kit. Searching online for pedicure tools can really suck you in. Before you know it, you’re considering a 26-piece set. Just to be clear, that’s way more pieces than most at-home pedicurists will ever need. Opt for quality, not quantity.

The MR.GREEN 7-Piece Set is both classy and practical. The trendy, zip-up travel case comes in four alluring colors. Tucked inside are stainless steel toenail clippers, cuticle tools, tweezers and a glass nail shiner. This may be the priciest item on our list, but you definitely don’t want to go cheap on foot pedicure tools. Add to cart, add to stocking, add to the holiday cheer!

Don’t forget to include a companion gift for these great stocking stuffers underneath the tree. Pick up one of our Baby Foot bundles and be sure to keep your eye on Facebook and Instagram for more holiday promotions. Tis the season for first-class foot care products!