a set of feet dangling over a body of pool water, which have had baby foot peel applied

The Best Ways to Moisturize Your Feet

Are your feet dry? Maybe they’re cracked and painful or it’s so bad you don’t like to wear sandals or show your feet off in any way. And maybe you’ve tried moisturizing them before and you haven’t had any success. Here are the best ways to moisturize your feet so they can be healthy and you can feel confident about them again.

  • Lotion. You can apply lotion or lotion-based foot wipes to your feet every day. However, if your feet are already overly dry, your skin may resist absorbing the lotion, especially if your stuff your feet into socks and shoes immediately after applying it. This may soften your feet over time but it’s definitely not a quick fix for your problem.
  • Petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly or foot wipes that contain it may seem like it would work faster than lotion, but it usually doesn’t. Your feet won’t absorb those oils any faster than the oils in lotion, so you’re stuck with another long-term solution, if it works for you at all. In addition, some people find the smell of petroleum jelly off-putting.
  • Soak your feet. Soaking your feet in Epsom salts may help hydrate them and it will definitely soften the skin so that lotion or petroleum jelly works faster. However, you’ll need to soak them consistently for good results and it can be a messy process.
  • Use a foot peel. Baby Foot has a foot peel that removes dead, dry skin, leaving only beautiful, soft skin underneath. This is the fastest way to moisturized feet and only requires one application.

You don’t have to live with cracked, dry feet. Try Baby Foot today to remove the dry skin and feel great about your feet again. Order today and get results before you know it!