A man smiles as he looks in the mirror during No Shave November

No-Shave November Means More Time to Focus on Men’s Skin Care

What better time to focus on skin care for men than No-Shave November?

The yearly ritual when guys leave their razors untouched has finally arrived, and those beards are about to get even bushier. It’s also National Healthy Skin Month. So again, we ask, isn’t it time to press pause on facial hair and focus more on skin care, fellas?

No-Shave November  or Movember, isn’t just an excuse to go all mountain man—it’s a clever cancer awareness campaign. The  No-Shave November effort has raised more than millions of dollars since its inception over a decade ago. Here’s the gist: guys don’t shave or use any grooming products in November and instead donate what they’d normally spend on those sundries to cancer prevention, research and education.

Baby Foot recently raised funds for breast cancer awareness, so we support all the men out there who decide to let it grow for a good cause. While your beard fills in, though, check out these men’s skin care tips we’ve compiled for your face, hands and feet.

Skin Care for Men Starts with Your Face

Just because a beard blankets the lower part of your face doesn’t mean you should neglect all that exposed skin immediately to the north. Your cheeks and forehead take the brunt of weathering over time, but you can slow the effects with the right regimen.

Men’s skin is tougher and oilier than women’s and requires an altogether different strategy when it comes to cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliating. With larger pores and more active sebaceous glands, men need facial skin care products that can do the dirty work. Setting up a skin care routine for men with beards should be pretty simple. Here’s how to do it:

Start with a highly recommended natural mens skincare face wash that works well regardless of your skin type. Many dermatologists and men searching for a low-maintenance skin care routine vouch for Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Cleanser. This alcohol-free, clay-based cleanser can be used in the shower or left on as a mask. Either way, you’re bound to like the results.

For many men, that’s where facial skin care begins and ends—but don’t stop there. If you follow your cleanse with a scrub and then moisturize, you’ll truly unlock a better way of life. Oh … and your partner will notice your suddenly stellar skin, too.

To exfoliate, we’re big fans of Brickell’s Renewing Face Scrub, which has a loyal following. Not only does it deep clean plugged-up pores, but it also smells fantastic. And like Baby Foot, Brickell uses natural ingredients and never tests its products on animals. 

Finally, you’ll need a no-nonsense moisturizer to rehydrate your freshly cleansed face and nourish that newly excavated layer of skin. Bulldog Original Moisturizer, which contains aloe vera, green tea and camelina oil, is affordable and effective. Bulldog also offers an Age Defense Moisturizer if you’re working extra hard to beat back those later-in-life wrinkles. 

Your Hands Deserve Better

Now that we’ve completed your checkup from the neck up, it’s time to do something about those rough, cracked hands. 

Guys often neglect their hands, and the unsightly outcome is never more apparent than in winter. Distressed skin on your knuckles and palms can be rough, itchy and even bleed without the proper care. And with handwashing at an all-time high due to the coronavirus pandemic, you’re going to need some robust weapons in your hand care arsenal—especially moisturizer.

In public places, you’re stuck with whatever’s in the soap dispenser, but at home, you control what you use to wash your hands—and we think you should be discerning. Thankfully, being choosy doesn’t necessarily mean dropping big bucks on a product that’s literally going down the drain. 

Go with a hand soap that’s gentle and hydrating like Soapbox, recently named the best moisturizing hand soap available on Amazon. Reviewers have nothing but love for this coconut milk and sandalwood-scented soap. Keep your eyes peeled for a discounted three-pack like the one Boxed was selling for less than $13.  

Detroit Grooming Co. is another company that prides itself on popular scents for gents. Check out their Traverse City cherry tobacco hand soap, which blends a leafy musk with a sweet tinge for a well-balanced aroma that’s a fan favorite.

When your hands do inevitably start to dry out, skip the lotion and try a balm that will soothe and serve as a protective barrier. Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy isn’t cheap, but it’s seasonal money well spent in those frigidly arid months that brutalize your poor paws. Trust us—this stuff is a game changer!

Keep Your Feet Looking, Feeling & Smelling Good

Foot care is where Baby Foot really shines, and our exfoliating peel for men is something every guy should try at least once. We know your feet will likely never get the attention your beard does, so now’s the perfect time to peel away those calluses and dead skin to reveal the smooth soles underneath. 

Described by GQ as “The Best Foot Peel for a Fresh Start,” our mint-scented foot peel for men includes booties up to size 14 and only takes an hour. So kick your feet up and watch the game or snooze in your hammock and let the peel work its magic. In just a week or two, your feet will transform from rough and crusty to smooth and savory. 

As with your face and hands, moisturizer is key for your feet. After you’ve done your peel, be sure to regularly apply a good cream like Mayron’s Goods FEET. This miracle salve absorbs quickly, but try rubbing it into your feet before bedtime and slipping on some socks to get more bang for your buck.

Best side benefit: A body part that smells like it’s been sweating in shoes all day will take on the aroma clover and cucumber. Our Moisturizing Foot Mask also works incredibly well to keep your feet hydrated after a peel. 

Your foray into foot care wouldn’t be complete without a little toenail maintenance to top things off. If you haven’t invested in a men’s manicure kit, it’s high time. Those utilitarian drugstore clippers are way past their prime. Wild Willies Arsenal is reasonably priced and has all the tools you need to keep your toenails and cuticles under control. 

Now go forth and care for your face, hands and feet like never before. Who knows? Maybe these habits will stick, and then you’ll be the one spreading the gospel of men’s skin care to your bearded brothers.