9 Tips for Getting Your Summer Feet Ready

Women, with colorful painted toe nails, placing their feet next to one another's in a circle.

Summer means a lot of time in strappy sandals or barefoot by the pool. That means our summer feet are on display, but also even more at risk of suffering elements like sand and sun. While there’s no reason to keep our feet from enjoying the season, there are some special considerations worth making!

“For me, one of the best things about warm weather is liberating my feet after months of having them cooped up in snow boots and closed shoes,” says Dr. Jennifer David of Schweiger Dermatology Group.

While women (and some men too) are faithful to their biweekly pedicure routine we often forget about the everyday habits that go into keeping our summer feet healthy and looking pretty. Learning how to get soft feet will help keep them healthy all year, especially during the warmer months!

Don’t neglect those toes:

“When applying daily sunscreen to your face, neck, chest and arms every morning don’t forget to apply it to your feet if you plan on wearing flip/flops or sandals,” says Dr. David. “Anything SPF 30 or greater will do and don’t forget to reapply every 2-3 hours when outdoors for long periods of time.”

A little daily foot exfoliation can go a long way:

A product like the Baby Foot Polishing Foot Wipes are easy to pack in a bag for gentle exfoliation on the go, keeping feet smooth and clear of impurities (that means no more stinky feet either!).

Consider your shoes:

New sandals are great for fashion, but can wreak havoc on your skin before they are broken in.  “A little trick to helping prevent blisters from new sandals is to rub the insides with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or with a little rubbing alcohol to soften them up,” says Dr. David. “Also, applying a little liquid band-aide to the areas of skin that commonly become rubbed (heels and dorsum of the foot/toes) can offer an added layer of protection to prevent blistering.” Stay away from any shoes that rub and cause blisters because your feet are made of nothing but bones and if your feet hurt your whole body does!

Soak your feet:

“I always tell everyone that you should soak your feet in sudsy water for at least 45 mins that way any roughness becomes soft,” says celeb nail artist Jackie Saulsbery.

Lotion your feet daily: 

“It’s amazing how many people do not [put lotion on their feet] and your feet are used more than anything! Especially when wearing sandals!” says celebrity manicurist Erica Marton. Bonus: Putting lotion on your feet will help prevent blisters!  A great product to try is Baby Foot Smoothing Gel.

Beware the beach: 

People think going to the beach is so great for their feet, but it’s actually not as great as everyone thinks! “Yes, the sand is nice for exfoliating, BUT the salt in the ocean is very drying!” says Marton. And then there’s the water. “The ocean water does the same thing to your feet as it does to your hair – maybe that’s a good way to explain it,” says Marton.

Obviously you can’t avoid it, but when you get home from the beach you may want to soak and lotion your feet. Same goes for days at the pool!

Marton recommends these steps after your vacation or day at the beach/pool :

  • Step 1 – exfoliate your feet best you can
  • Step 2- apply lotion
  • Step 3- take Saran Wrap and wrap your foot up
  • Step 4- Put a sock over the Saran Wrap
  • Step 5- chill for at least 15mins

File your nails:

Saulsbery says using a basic foot file, push the cuticles back (to get the skin that tends to hold on to the nail toe plate for a perfect polish and renewal of your feet!)

Cuticle oil:

“Finish off those toes with cuticle oil to keep the cuticle hydrated (summertime fun can dry them up, a.k.a., the pool and beach!)” says Saulsbery.

Toe color: 

“I always say put a happy color on your feet because the first thing you do when you step out of bed is look down. That way when you see your toes, it’s a good way to start your day off!” says Saulsbery.

Trends for summer feet are teals and blues like Gabriel Cosmetics Cactus and the matte look is trendy, but you can never go wrong with a French pedicure; it looks clean, classic and you can mix it up with fun hot pinks and oranges to “spice up” your style.

Remember, you have one pair of feet. Take good care of them! At Baby Foot, we offer a range of at-home foot care products to help you take care of your feet all year round, from Exfoliation Foot Peels to Moisturizing Foot Masks. Browse our entire selection today.