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Travel Beauty Essentials: 8 Beauty Products to Take on Vacation

Are you a jet-setting beach dweller or are you more of a chillin’-by-the-pool staycation fan? No matter where you’re going for vacation (or staycation) one thing is for sure – your beauty routine can’t take a break like you can. Our skin needs constant care and, when exposed to elements like the sun and water, you’ll need to spend extra time to keep it healthy. If you’re packing your bags before hitting the road, this article is for you. As you travel, make sure to keep these essential beauty products in your beach bag or carry on to keep your skin looking fresh all summer long!

1. Touch up kit

When you arrive at your destination, you’ve probably been sitting uncomfortably for a few hours now. If you fly, you may have had to go through security and wait through layovers to get where you’re going. Naturally, the longer you travel the more your hair and makeup are probably going to fade a bit during your travels. When you’re going between destinations, it helps to have a quick touchup kit to help you refresh while traveling. We suggest packing other beauty products including a small brush, powder and some oil blotting sheets to freshen up your look!

2. Sunscreen

If you’re going to be out in the sun, sunscreen is one of the best skincare products you can have. We’ve said it plenty before, but UV rays are hugely impactful to your skin and can cause both aging and cancer. Lather up with some SPF 50 before going into the sun, and make sure to reapply frequently!

3. Light makeup

When we sweat, makeup can slide or clog our pores. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it’s also harmful to our skin! When outside for vacation, try choosing two or three items to focus on. A simple beauty routine could include beauty products like mascara, an eyebrow pencil and face powder. Think about what you want to accent and select those few items.

4. Makeup remover

It’s the worst travel faux pas – bringing makeup and forgetting makeup remover. If you don’t bring a proper makeup remover, you could be stuck using scratchy hotel towels to remove your mascara. We suggest either micellar water or another water-based remover that can wash away your makeup without worrying about skin irritation.

5. Bandaids

Wearing those favorite shoes can get a little blistery after a while. Packing bandaids is essential and can be a lifesaver after your toes are in pain – not to mention any accidental scrapes or bruises you may get. Pick something skin-toned so it doesn’t stand out against an outfit and you can dance the night away with no pain!

6. A jade or quartz roller

Our skin can puff up for a ton of reasons – sodium intake, traveling, or just because. A cold jade or quartz roller helps to stimulate blood flow to the area, eliminating puffiness and keeping you looking young. The best part? These are super cheap – you can get one for a dollar!

7 A good body cleanser

After a long day outside, you’ll want to wash off – and who wants to use the hotel’s tiny bottle of body wash? Make sure to bring something that you love, that way you can wash off and keep your skin feeling great even after a long day on the lake or hanging out on the beach.

8. A great exfoliant

Your skin goes through so much in a day, and exfoliants help to get rid of the dead skin cells that exist. For your feet, Baby Foot is the way to go. With our Original Exfoliation Foot Peel, you can remove all of the dead skin on your feet and get to feeling fresh. Pro-tip: Make sure to use our Moisturizing Foot Mask for maximum after-peel hydration.

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