Two Baby Foot employees standing in front of a sign that says "Thank you to our frontline heroes" and an assortment of COVID-19 care packages given to healthcare workers in Springfield, MO.

Baby Foot Gives Back to Local Healthcare Workers

Here at Baby Foot, we’re proud to provide a product that helps people to relax and feel their best. Naturally, when COVID-19 began to take its toll on our local community, we felt it was our duty to help. We reached out to Cox Hospital and Mercy Hospital, two healthcare providers in our US-headquartered city of Springfield, Missouri, to provide samples of our Original Exfoliation Foot Peel and Treatment Socks to our local frontline heroes. 

“The [healthcare workers] work tirelessly around the clock putting others before themselves,” says a spokesperson for Baby Foot. “That’s just what they do. In the process, their own needs take a back seat. We thought it would be nice to treat them to a little pampering to show our gratitude and support. We know their feet take a beating and could use a little TLC! We are grateful for all they do for our community.”

We couldn’t be more appreciative of the hard work that these healthcare workers do every single day. We hope that by providing Baby Foot peels, we can help these workers to take a moment for themselves and relax after a long day. To all of our healthcare workers – thank you for all you do, day in and day out. Baby Foot is proud to serve you.