A person reads a book while performing a Baby Foot foot peel treatment

8 Wonderful Ways to Spend an Hour During Your Foot Peel Treatment

It’s time for your first foot peel of 2021, and the hour-long treatment is the perfect time to do just about anything other than scroll through your feed for more of the same. 

If you’ve been struggling to find an uninterrupted hour for this, that or the other, Baby Foot’s Original Exfoliating Foot Peel is beckoning. Think of your peel as a ticket to that delightful-yet-elusive downtime or use the 60-minute window to cross another pesky item off your never-ending to-do list.

The path to smooth, soft feet is simple with Baby Foot. Our special formula combines 16 natural extracts, many of which contain alpha hydroxy acid that breaks down dead skin and calluses. Just slip your feet into the plastic booties, tape them up and let them soak for an hour before washing them with soap and water. 

We don’t recommend flitting about in your booties during the treatment (that exfoliating gel can be a bit slippery). That’s right—we’re giving you permission to settle into your favorite roost for a relaxing or low-impact activity. Here are eight wonderful ways you can spend an hour while your feet are reborn.  

1. Crack open that new book or queue up the audio version on your phone. 

Reading is, bar none, one of the best solitary activities to pass the time. Just you and your imagination thumbing through the pages and going wherever the story takes you. If you’d rather rest your eyes during your foot peel, download the audiobook version and let the narrator do the work.

  • Nonfiction pick: “Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey (who also narrates the audiobook). Reading just an hour of this wild real-life ride will be tough.
  • Fiction pick: “The Return” by Nicholas Sparks. Just one out of four tissues on the tearful scale.

2. Tackle those thank-you notes now that Christmas is in the rearview.

Still riding the holiday high of giving and receiving gifts? Drop your friends and family members handwritten notes to let them know you appreciate their thoughtfulness. If you left your stationary in 1998 or you’re just tired of it, check out these free printable thank you cards. Now you’re all ready to tell that special someone how much you love the Baby Foot peel they gave you.   

3. Start a gratitude journal to keep 2021 in perspective. 

Boy, last year escalated quickly. Why not start 2021 off with an air of gratefulness? Thinking good thoughts is one thing, but writing them down is even better. That way, on even the toughest days, you can lift your spirits by flipping back through your mindful musings. Gratitude journals come in all shapes and sizes, but their therapeutic benefits are undeniable. 

4. Check in on a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while. 

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves those handheld computers we tote around everywhere are actually phones. You know, those old-school gadgets that allow us to hear a loved one’s voice or a friend’s laugh? Scroll through those contacts and find someone you haven’t spoken to in months, then surprise them with a conversation about nothing in particular. Texts can get lost in translation. You deserve to know if your sibling or college roommate is really laughing out loud at your jokes. 

5. Indulge your obsession with “The Office” by tuning in to the “Office Ladies” podcast. 

If you’re not already on the bandwagon, this podcast is a gem that’s sure to put a smile on your face. Real-life besties Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey started the podcast in 2019 and are still going strong. Each week, “The Office” co-stars rewatch an episode of the insanely popular show and regale listeners with funny behind-the-scenes stories and interesting factoids. Most episodes clock in at about an hour, so pop those booties on and press play. 

6. Show your hands some simultaneous love with a DIY manicure.

Don’t let your feet have all the fun. If your fingernails are overdue for a makeover, then give yourself a manicure while you exfoliate your feet. Before you get settled in, you’ll need all the assorted accoutrements to transform those haggard nails into a colorful conversation starter. With an hour to spare, you have the time to do your manicure right, so give those nails the works. We’re talking filing, soaking, cuticles, basecoat, two coats of color and a topcoat. If your feet are getting VIP treatment, then so should your hands!

7. Stream something on Netflix. Duh.

Despite your best efforts to binge-watch your way through the pandemic, there are still lots of great shows hiding in Netflix’s ever-expanding library. Why not try out one of those shows your friend has been raving about? Or one that’s been gathering virtual dust in your queue? Worst-case scenario: It ends up on the “no thanks” pile. Best-case scenario: You’ve unlocked seasons worth of goodness. Invest yourself in a tantalizing hour-long drama or blow through multiple episodes of something shorter and more lighthearted. No matter what you choose, this affordable form of escapism never gets old. 

  • Thriller pick: If you haven’t checked out “Ozark” yet, now’s the time. The fourth and final season will be split into two parts, with the first batch expected to arrive later this year. Episodes are about an hour.  
  • Comedy pick: “Schitt’s Creek” is too funny to pass up. Episodes are only about 20 minutes, but they’re overflowing with hilarity. Watch three in a row while your foot peel works its magic. 
  • Chill pick: Looking to summon your inner zen in 2021? Check out the recently released “Headspace Guide to Meditation.” The first three 20-minute episodes focus on breathing, visualization and gratitude.

8. Succumb to those heavy eyelids and nap the hour away.

We’re an increasingly sleep-deprived society, and most of us could use more rest. If you’re in a quiet spot and stationary, your body may very well start sending those drowsy signals. Why fight it? Power naps are good for you. Just be sure to set the alarm on your phone before you drift off. Our foot peel is meant to be washed off after an hour for best results. 

Here’s another pro-tip: Soak your feet in water daily after the treatment and don’t forget to try our Moisturizing Foot Mask for maximum hydration after your feet have finished peeling. Water activates our proprietary formula and allows your feet to peel properly. Within three to seven days, that husk of dead skin on your soles should start sloughing off to reveal sublime smoothness. Happy peeling, friends!